Radical, creative expression & endless love

  est. 2015  

The artist, in various brand-centrically-colored clothing (2023)

Connecting & collaborating with individuals, artists, & organizations to produce radically & deliver seamless, inspired, creative work. 

The artist in various locales and states of mind. Including but not limited to: self portraiture, fashion shows (CFE.1, CFE.4), in a hostel in NYC, with a sculpture, staring into space.

Fosterinig artistic projects & pursuits with (com)passion, purpose, & endless love.

The purpose of WILLIAMSLENSES began as a hope to merge brand, soul, and artistic spirit. Encapsulating a multimedia practice, sensibility and zest for life, and an amalgamative view on both life and the process of archive, WILLIAMSLENSES serves as the brand for artist WILLIAM HOHE while tripling synchronously as business, persona, and philosophy.